Come Play In The Frequency of Disruptive Consciousness. Remember Who The Fuck You Are. Liberate Yourself.

Welcome to Disruptive Consciousness.

Mystery School. Power Portal. Temple.

A Reclamation of all that we ever were, are and can be.

I'm Leanne Juliette - a Powerful Catalyst for Human Potential & Higher Frequency Consciousness.

Activator. Shamanic High Priestess. Medicine Woman. Seer. Oracle. Alchemist. Pioneering Multidimensional Frequency Healer. Dark Divine Feminine Goddess.

Pure Fire, Power, Truth, Magic & Mystery.

A complete anomaly in the Realm of Consciousness and a breath of fresh air to those who choose to play in my Frequency.

Disruptive Consciousness is my unique Soul Frequency.

An Alien Frequency to the Human Psyche - which is why it's so disruptive to whatever is hidden within you begging to be SEEN and LIBERATED - which is why I'm so activating to the Shadow.

I make the Unconscious conscious.

Disruptive Consciousness is pioneering Frequency Medicine that I offer to awaken, activate and accelerate you into a Higher Frequency Consciouness.

Powerful. Revolutionary. Activating. Expansive. Liberating.

I activate you into Awakening, into Remembering and into Being.


My Frequency is the Activation.

It's time for you to remember who the fuck you are, reclaim your Divine Power and BE wholly, fully, uniquely and authentically YOU.

No BS. Only Truth.

The Mystery School offers you the opportunity to receive powerful Frequency Medicine and the Frequency of Disruptive Consciousness.

A Temple of Ancient High Magic fused with Galactic Consciousness.

A Power Portal for Revolutionary Transformation and Pioneering Multidimensional Frequency Healing.

Where I invite you to break all the rules around BEING.

Welcome to the Revolution of Disruptive Consciousness, Divine One.

Let's Play 😈.

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This is a Mystery School, Power Portal & Temple to focussed around Frequency Activations, Higher Frequency Consciousness, Shadow Work & The Multidimensional Shadow, Spiritual Teachings & Wisdom, Spiritual Healing, Courses, Classes & More.

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The Energetics of Money & Shadow To Create Quantum Cash With Ease

In this powerfully activating Audio, I'm channelling on the Energetics of Money & Shadow to create quantum cash in your life.

Without having to do endless (boring AF) Shadow Work, Shadow Alchemy or do any of the wishy washy Law of Attraction BS with the happy clappy stuff.


This Audio is potent, activating and will help you to release energetic attachment to money which then opens up a Vortex within you to receive more.


Shadow is my Realm and I help you understand it in a way others don't teach.

(What I'm sharing in this Audio can also be used for Relationships, Weight Loss or anything else you desire).

£111 GBP

Bend The Bitch

Bend The Bitch is a LIVE Power Teaching & Activation from Leanne Juliette.

This is a Live Power Teaching & Activation happening on Friday 26th July at 18:30pm BST / 13:30pm EST / 10:30am PST / 3:30am AEST (Saturday 27th).

This is where you come to be activated into how to play the Game of Consciousness and create whatever reality you desire within the Matrix simulation.

YOU are the Creator. YOU have the Power to command your reality.

Yes. We live in a simulation. If that makes zero sense to you or makes your brain short-circuit, this teaching isn't for you.

This is for those who know that there's more to this reality we exist within and you're looking to step into an alternative version of YOU who knows how to play this game and - bend the bitch to your command.

As the title suggests (as inspired by a conversation with a friend), this is about bending reality to your command.


Creating your reality. However you desire. Playing outside of the Matrix/simulation/illusion we live within.

Remembering that YOU are the Powerhouse here.

Bend the Bitch is about self-mastery. It is about remembering who the fuck you are and that you hold the power to command your reality.

Bend the Bitch is a Power Teaching & Activation around Multidimensionality, Dimension Jumping, Quantum Transformation, Self-Mastery & Self-Empowerment.

A reminder of who you are - that you are powerful beyond realms - and that you can create your life, your way.

Outside of the Matrix.

This isn't about "escaping the Matrix" as many False Prophets will teach. It's about learning how to stop giving your power away to the Illusion - and remembering your Infinite Consciousness.

Where you get to bend time, space & dimensions.

And mould thought into matter.

Your way.

This Power Teaching will be at least 2 - 3 hours long including Q&A at the end. Full replay available within 24 hours of the live recording.

£250 GBP.

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