10% of all profit from Disruptive Consciousness is donated to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust & LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary.

The Disruptive Consciousness Mystery School - Where Truth Is Medicine & Freedom Is The Revolution

Disruptive Consciousness Pioneering Higher Dimensional Consciousness Movement & Mystery School created by Leanne Juliette.

Disruptive Consciousness is rooted in being in service to those seeking Freedom, Truth & Self-Exploration by journeying into the Darkness & Shadows to create powerful Revolutionary Transformation within our Multidimensional Selves.

Disruptive Consciousness is dedicated to those who are willing to take the path less travelled and to venture deep into the psyche and the Hidden Realms in order to access our Truth & Inner Wisdom to create powerful Revolutionary Transformation across all Space, Time. & Dimensions.

Disruptive Consciousness is a Journey of Self-REDiscovery with Leanne Juliette, Catalyst & Priestess, as your Guide.

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Disruptive Consciousness Free Membership

Welcome to Disruptive Consciousness! This is a free membership to the Mystery School for you to take a look around, receive email updates on new workshops, classes, courses, memberships & Cosmic Containers plus receive promos on certain products as and when these are offered.

By joining the Mystery School, you gain immediate access to 3 powerful videos from my extensive Video Library that I've built over the last 4 years.

These are:

- The Path of the Spiritual Warrior: The Importance of Staying The Course In Your Soul's Mission

- The Power of Vision & Desire: What Are You UNWILLING To Sacrifice In Order To Make Your Vision A Reality

- Being Unapologetically You: When You Know You're Here To Impact Millions, Be Unapologetically You

As a Member of the Mystery School - you can also become a Disruptive Consciousness Partner and earn Affiliate Commissions for referring others to the Mystery School who purchase selected products.

As a thank you for being an email subscriber and taking an interest in the Mystery School, I am also including ad-free YouTube videos within this Free Membership. All videos from July 2022 onwards uploaded on YouTube will be included in this Free Membership (held within the Mystery School) and some previous content will be added at a later date.

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