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About Leanne Juliette

About Leanne Juliette

Leanne Juliette is a powerful Shamanic High Priestess & Priestess of the Dark Feminine and Disruptive Consciousness is her Pioneering & Revolutionary Higher Dimensional Consciousness Movement in service to Seekers of Freedom, Truth & Self-Evolution.

Her Magick is that of Destruction & Creation Energetics through the powerful Divine Feminine Energetics of Chaos.

Her Medicine is Truth and is rooted in the Energetic Frequency of Self-Transformation, Death & Rebirth and Destruction & Creation.

Her Energy is very much like that of Kali, the Destroyer.

(But don't be so scared! She doesn't bite!)

Leanne Juliette is a powerful Catalyst & Disruptor for your own Revolutionary Transformation and she is here to breathe life back into to you, to fuel you and to be the spark to activate your own powerful Transformation & Healing within the Multidimensional Consciousness.

She is both the Awakener & the Activator - the one who arrives in your life when something major needs to shift for you in order to step into and access your Highest Frequency.

Her energy is often described as very liberation, activating, exhilarating and transformational.

She is a Galactic Channel with the ability to tune into futuristic timelines & Higher Consciousness and a Visionary who sees the Higher Potential for all who work with her.

In 2021, Leanne Juliette began channeling on a concept she has named The Multidimensional Shadow which is infused within her powerful work.

The Multidimensional Shadow is a unique methodology of understanding the Shadow Energetics by way of accessing the Energetic Root within the Multidimensional Consciousness to alchemize Illusion & Shadow into powerful Medicine to revolutionize all areas of your life.

She is the Creator of Ouroboros Medicine & Ouroboros Quantum Activation Medicine - a pionnering process of creating Revolutionary Self-Transformation & Healing across all Space, Time & Dimensions by accessing the Energetic Root of the Multidimensional Shadow to break down whatever is not Truth within us in order to create strong Energetic Foundations from which to create true Balance & Harmony within us as we reconnect to our Highest & most Divine Self.

Ouroboros Medicine is about activating our Highest Frequency through Self-Transformation at the Energetic Root of the Multidimensional Shadow.

Leanne Juliette is also the Creator of The Alien Mind Matrix - a revolutionary Spiritual Technology to create Energetic Root Solutions through tapping into our Alien Mind and inviting in powerful Healing & Transformation which is illogical, chaotic and nonsensical in nature & completely Alien to our Human Consciousness but which creates immense Freedom & Self-Transformation within us when we let go of what makes sense and venture into the Unknown.

Her belief is that anything is possible and she feels the presence of her Pioneering Healing within her very core - anything is possible when you let go of the limitations of the Human Consciousness and invite the Higher Consciousness, the Alien Mind, in and access Higher Dimensional Frequencies.

Above all, she is a Teacher. One who will guide you rediscover the Hidden Wisdom within yourself as she offers you the Key to open the door to your own Revolutionary Transformation & Healing.

Her Teachings are rooted in Ancient Wisdom from previous lifetimes as a High Priestess in both Atlantis & Ancient Egypt fused with Galactic Channellings from Higher Dimensions.

Leanne Juliette's powerful Disruptive Medicine & Magick creates a tsunami effect across all areas of your life.

Whatever needs to shift within you, Leanne Juliette's unique Energy can access the cracks within your Multidimensional Energetic Field and begin to tear down whatever is not in service to your Highest Frequency & Divine Truth.

She is the Glitch that finds the cracks within and sets about on activating powerful Healing & Transformation within you.

Her Medicine is Truth.

Powerful, direct and potently activating Truth which goes to the ENERGETIC ROOT of who you are as a Divine Being - across all Space, Time & Dimensions.

Disruptive Consciousness is a powerfully activating Mystery School for Seekers of Freedom, Truth, Wisdom & Transformation. This Mystery School will disrupt your Consciousness in ways like no other because of Leanne Juliette's unique gift for Shadow Energetics - specifically the Multidimensional Shadow - to tear down the Illusion & whatever is not TRUTH within you in order to create the strong Energetic Foundations through which to elevate your Consciousness & revolutionize your life.

Disruptive Consciousness is for Seekers who are willing to venture off the path and explore the Unknown.

Disruptive Consciousness is not for those still attached to their Ego Identity - it is for those who are willing to remove the Ego Mask and peer beneath the Illusion & False Identity which has been keeping you in a state of Enslavement to the Shadow.

Disruptive Consciousness is for those seeking the TRUE Wisdom of the Shadow in a way that you are not used to. This isn't about traditional "Shadow Work" which keeps you trapped in a perpetual cycle of endless Shadow Work - Disruptive Consciousness is about going to the ACTUAL Energetic Root of the Shadow - the Multidimensional Shadow - and alchemizing that Energy - which has been running in your Subconscious all your life - into powerful Freedom, Truth & Transformation.

This is the Tsunami Effect of truly inviting Disruptive Consciousness into your life.

Classes, Workshops, Energetic Activations, Courses & Cosmic Containers (Memberships, but Cosmic Containers sounds sooooo much better, right?!) included within the Mystery School are aimed at disrupting your current state of being in order to elevate and expand you to a Higher Consciousness - thus creating massive waves of Freedom within you - by transforming you at the Energetic Root which is found within the Multidimensional Shadow.

Disruptive Consciousness is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are prepared to look deep into the Mirror of Truth, to see yourself in ways you've never seen yourself before and for those who crave the adventure and thrill of truly coming home to your Self.

Leanne Juliette invites you to step beyond what you deem to be possible, to step beyond comforts and limitations and to step onto the Path of the Unknown as you venture into your own Darkness & Shadows to create massive waves of Freedom within yourself when you step beyond what you believe is possible and access your Multidimensional Frequency.

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